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Resale Guidelines



Please take note:


Welcome to Little Britches Kids Resale! The following policies are to ensure a high quality and consistent shopping and selling experience for our customers. For this to occur, please bring no more than 1 tote/box (no bags) at a time. If you would like to take the unchosen items back, please pick them up within 2 days of the date indicated in the upper right hand corner of our buy sheet, or they will be donated to a charity chosen by Little Britches. We WILL NOT be able to call you, so please understand that the unchosen items will need to be picked up or will be donated within 48 hours of the date given by our staff.

Please do not hesitate to call ahead if you have questions about the items you are thinking about bringing to us. For example: Larger items are very space consuming and we may not have room for your crib... But we might have space too! So, please call us! 303-404-0555

**Make sure to complete and sign a Buy Sheet (ask associate for one) and make sure we put your full name on your tote/box to ensure we know to whom the clothes/toys/equipment belong.

DAYS THAT WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY BUYS ARE SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY. This is so that we may focus on getting our newest items hung for an exciting shopping experience.

Methods of Payment: We usually buy items out right. That means that you do not have to wait for your items to sell in order to get paid. (some items will be offered as consignment, ask us about that if you are looking to sell larger or higher end items.) We pay in either Store Credit or Cash. However, the months of January  and June we will ONLY BE PAYING OUT STORE CREDIT. NORMAL CASH OR STORE CREDIT WILL RETURN IN FEBURARY and JULY.  

You do get a better price by at least 25% if you decide to settle out for strore credit.

Items we will consider buying:

-          Name brand (new and used) children’s clothes from sizes newborn/preemie to size 16/18

-          Children’s shoes

-          Maternity clothes/equipment in all sizes

-          Children’s Toys and Equipment (high chairs, strollers, bouncers, rockers, walkers, etc.) Please call first if you are bringing in large furniture type items to ensure that we are in need and have space for the items.

-          Miscellaneous items (photo frames, books, belly bands, school/sports uniforms, etc.)

Keep in mind: For safety reasons, we DO NOT accept or sell any recalled items (voluntary or mandatory), car seats, crib wedges (positioners) or bumpers- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Children's Resale/Maternity Clothes MUST be:

-          In storage totes, or secure boxes with lids that close- NO BAGS. Please arrange items neatly in bins.

-          Freshly laundered (NO stains, odors, pet hair, rips/tears)

-          Not listed on any recall list, including the Government Recall List:

Children's Resale Toys/Equipment MUST:

  • -          Not be listed on any recall list, including the Government Recall List:
  • -          Be less than 5 years old
  • -          Be freshly laundered (NO stains, odors, rips/tears)
  • -          In good working condition with all parts and pieces (balls, little pieces, etc.)

** All buys are at the discretion of Little Britches staff based on the standards and needs of the store.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of the Little Britches Kids Resale Team!